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Hotch & Shelly’s  – “Scottie’s Balls”

Hotch & Shelly’s – “Scottie’s Balls”

1 Raw Egg.
¾ cup Sweet Onion Fine Chopped
¾ cup  Poblano Pepper Fine Chopped
½-¾ Kikkoman Panko Breads Crumbs, Plain
2 Lb of Jimmy Dean Hot Breakfast Sausage
1  8oz. Package of shredded Pepper Jack Cheese. (Large Shred)

2 Tbsp It’s My Rub Power Blend (www.itsmyrub.com)

2 Tbsp Fiesta Chili Lime (www.fiestaspices.com/authentic-mexican/chili-lime-seasoning)

Coarse Salt and Black Pepper

  1. Combine all but the egg and Jimmy Dean Hot Breakfast Sausage in S/S bowl and mix very well
  2. Next add in the Jimmy Dean Hot Breakfast Sausage and the egg and mix very well
  3. Let set, covered with plastic, in the S/S bowl, for at least ½ day in fridge
  4. Form into ½ to ¾ oz balls and place each in lightly pre-sprayed (PAM) flat pan similar to a pizza pan.  As shown below, a pan with holes allow the grease to flow in a catch pan below so that the balls are not floating in fat.   That said, some folks like them floating in their own juices.
  5. Cook indirect, on the Big Green Egg, at 375-400 degrees until reaching an internal temp of 175 – 185 degrees, check I/T at about 8-10 min in Big Green Egg.  If you like a good bark, let them cook to 185 degrees.

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