When your friends and family ask, "What makes this taste so good?"...

You can proudly say, "It's My Rub!"


 Power Blend

Power Blend

 Smooth Blend

Smooth Blend

There is nothing like tasting something that is so special that it makes you say, “WOW! WOW! WOW! This must be shared with friends!”

We, Bruce and Kelley Underwood, of Underwood’s It’s My Food!, have a passion for creating and sharing our food. We strive to create recipes that provide layers and layers of flavor that tickle your taste buds and surprise you with every bite. We love traveling across the country going to food events and festivals, serving our food, and sharing those moments with you. We go to barbecue competitions, chili cook offs and other food events, but our favorite events to attend are Big Green Egg EggFests. We have won multiple event competitions, including our first Chili Cook-off in Spicewood, TX and the Texas Big Green EggFest in Austin, TX.  We are Egg-Heads!

It is out of our love for creating, cooking and sharing good food that we developed our premier products: Underwood’s It’s My Rub!

Original Power Blend and Underwood’s It’s My Rub! Smooth Blend. With our rubs, when your friends and family ask, What makes this taste so good?, you can proudly say, “It’s My Rub!”.

We’ve worked on perfecting It’s My Rub! over many years, modifying them to deliver layers and layers of flavor on all parts of your palate. They contain a unique blend of over twenty-one herbs and spices that will tickle your taste buds while a hint of smokiness and just a small pop of heat make you say, “WOW!, WOW!, WOW! That is AMAZING!” Our outstanding rubs are perfect for all occasions. Use them on a wide range of food items like chicken, pork, steak, fish, shrimp, and even vegetables!

Bring out the magic in your dishes and create truly mouth-watering delicacies everyone’s sure to love. Try our rubs and check out our recipe page for great ideas on ways to use our rubs. Look for more products to come soon!

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